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Tags, Tags, Tags !

Here are 4 sets of tags. Each set has 8-10 pages. They are divided by color: Earthtones, Pink & Purple, Blue & Green, and Red Yellow & Orange. We also did a few close-ups (detail at 100% zoom) for each color. We hope you enjoy these tags!

Why pay more for textured paper and add unnecessary bulk to your scrapbook? These tags are hand-made from various textured papers including rose petal paper, handmade papers, crinkled paper and Thai paper - then we scanned them so that you get the same 3D appearance.

Also, if you see some black lines along the sides on some of the pages, it is not a printer malfunction :o) The lines are to help you cut the tags at varied lengths without having to do a lot of measuring and lining up.

Set 1 Earthtones


rosepetal paper crumpled paper embedded flower paper
natural paper handmade paper textured paper
crinkled paper ridged paper oxidized-look paper


Earthtones Tags 
PDF- 8.5" x 11"
Download Now
Earthtones Tags
Download Now


Set 2 Pink & Purple

embedded glitter paper two tone textured paper embedded newsprint paper
handmade rustic look paper hand painted paper silk look paper

Pink & Purple Tags
PDF- 8.5" x 11"
Download Now
Pink & Purple Tags
Download Now


Set 3 Blue & Green

blue-texture-1.jpg blue-texture-2.jpg blue-texture-3.jpg
green-texture-1.jpg green-texture-2.jpg green-texture-3.jpg

Blue & Green Tags
PDF- 8.5" x 11"
Download Now
Blue & Green Tags
Download Now


Set 4 Red, Yellow & Orange

red-texture-1.jpg red-texture-2.jpg red-texture-3.jpg
yellow-texture-1.jpg yellow-texture-2.jpg yellow-texture-3.jpg
orange-texture-1.jpg orange-texture-2.jpg orange-texture-3.jpg


Red, Yellow & Orange Tags 
PDF- 8.5" x 11"
Download Now
Red, Yellow & Orange Tags
Download Now

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