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Tea Bag Folding

Printable tea bag designs and matching full-page printable backgrounds for scrapbooks, gift cards, and other craft projects. Instructions and other resources as well!

Tea Bag Folding is the craft of folding the small sachets that contain herbal tea bags  in Europe. The unfortunate thing is that these teas and their wrappers are not available everywhere, but  you can make your own using our printable sets. The size of the sachets is 4cm or 1 1/2 inches square. You can print your squares in various sizes using our sets. Teabag folding is based on the ancient art of Origami -- to be more precise, modular Origami. The chosen fold is made several times using the required number of pieces of patterned squares and then each fold slides into the other to produce a rosette with a kaleidoscopic effect have made several of these designs with gradient color, so you can choose to use the darker or lighter side up on your designs, but remember that you can print any sheet in pastels by choosing 'Draft' or 'Economy' setting on your printer. All the tea bag squares have easy to see cutting lines. Also, you can use these designs for page corners and cut your borders from the background sheets.

There are many ways of folding the teabag squares and you may develop a few of your own. Just make sure that the design is repeated consistently.

Tea Bag Folding Layouts   Christmas Tea Bag Folding Papers   Tea Bag Folding Instructions

Here is a nice demonstration page of tea bag folding instructions.  Another tea bag folding instruction page is here. Also see tea bag folding books below.

Click here for the free one page tea bag folding sheet.

And another free teabag folding sheet.

Click here to download this free set of Printable Tea Bag Folding Papers in .pdf format

tea bag folding printable paper
memory tea bag folding pages to print
teabag folding, tea bag folding printable

This set of Printable Backgrounds match the above Tea Bag Paper designs.

Click here to download this set of Free Printable Tea Bag Matching Backgrounds
for free
in .pdf format

tea-bag-folding, teabag folding
teabag folding patterns, tea bag folding pattern

Teabag Folding books you might be interested in knowing about--click on the book to learn more or order. The last book shown is by the lady in the Netherlands that started the whole tea bag folding thing, Tiny van der Plas. Her book is in English, by the way.

book-memory-tea bag folding book instructions   teabag folding instruction book   book of instructions for tea bag folding designs   book-creative-paper-folding & teabag folding   tea bag folding kaleidoscope folding book tiny van der plas

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