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Travels in Europe Scrapbook Pages

Travel in Italy & Europe Scrapbook Designs-Free Download

These scrapbook page designs are for photos from your trip to Italy and the surrounding countries in Europe. If you have traveled in Italy, you probably have some wonderful photos. These traditional Italian and European backgrounds will help you make a scrapbook with the look and feel of your vacation. Included in these sets are the traditional Florentine fleur-de-lis designs and Florentine swirls and florals. There are also two traditional Della Robbia fruit designs. You may want to print out some of our Classic Silver and Gold Frames to use on the rich, colorful backgrounds. Don't forget that you can print these scrapbook backgrounds 2 to a page, 4 to a page, get images w/ tiny mini-print backgrounds. Additionally, you can use your printer's draft or economy setting to get a soft pastel version of these designs.

One sheet has cut-out images that represent things vacationers see and do in Italy. Several pages are images of handmade paper with bits of vegetation and others are of the speckled recycled paper that is sold in Italian paper and stationery shops. 

We have included 4 sheets of Italian fresco backgrounds. These scrapbooking background sheets have the red tile roofs, ancient buildings and churches that you see all over Italy and Europe. You can print the notecard designs in a small size to use on your scrapbook layouts as name plates to identify the different places you visited. They look great when you use a calligraphy tip felt-tip marker for your text.

Also, check our Brick, Stone, Rock & Pavement Backgrounds...
photos from European Travels

Free European Travels Backgrounds #1

   Florentine borders, antique painted ceiling designs, travel postcards and stamps, handmade paper, and Old World architectural designs to print.


Close -Ups of Design Details from the Europe Travel Set #1

Italian Travel Scrapbook

Italian Postage Stamp

Italian Paper

Italian Ceiling
Close -Ups of Design Details from the Europe Travel Set #1

Download Europe Travel Backgrounds 1 & Cut-Outs Free .pdf file

 Free European Travel Backgrounds #2

European travel scrapbook backgrounds to printFree Printable European Vacation Scrapbook Pages

Scenes from faded European frescos, handmade paper, antique fabric designs, famous buildings in Rome such as the Coliseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, St. Peters, and rural countryside scenes to print.

Close -Ups of Design Details from the Europe Travel Set #2
Antique scenes of Florence Italy

Italian Fresco Painting

Rich Italian Wallpaper Design

Italian Damask Design

Italian Recycled Paper

handmade paper

Download Europe Travel Backgrounds 2 & Cut-Outs Free .pdf file

Free Italian Travel Scrapbook Designs Set

Printable Italian postage stamps backgoundFrenzie traditional backgrounds Florentine

Italian restaurant menu backgrounds, lush Florentine backgrounds, Fleur-de-Leis, old sheet  musical, and cut-outs of Italian landmarks such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Close -Ups of Design Details from the Italian Travel Set 

italian vacation scrapbook prints

scrapbook of trip to italy

florence, italy print

della robbia italian print

italian travel stamp

trip to europe scrapbook backgrounds

italian wallpaper print

Free Printable Italian Travel Scrapbook Set Download...pdf file

Also, check our Brick, Stone, Rock & Pavement Backgrounds...
photos from European Travels

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