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Wedding cake from our scrapbooking sets. These sets were designed especially for you to use to create memory books with the photos and mementos you have saved from Weddings and Wedding Showers and Parties.

Most of the designs here work well with other romantic, heritage, & baby photos too, only the page titles & cut-outs are specific to weddings. They are in pastel shades, created using watercolor, chalk pastels, colored pencil, etc.

You can print with your 'Economy' or 'Draft' setting for a very pastel look. Each set of 21 pages of designs is Free

Like all our sets, you can easily print these pages in many sizes to customize your graphics. You can print individual sheets one at a time as you need them, and as often as you want.

Download Wedding Set #1 (Shown Below) free in .pdf format

This is our Wedding Set #1. It  is a 20 page set which includes watercolors, alphabets, backgrounds, borders, frames,

Details from Wedding Set #1 Shown Here

Alphabet blocks for wedding scrapbook page titles. wedding scrapbook background paper.

bridal scrapbook designs. This vine trellis is a bridal background page.

Hand drawn scrapbook border detail. wedding shower background paper detail.

Wedding cake clip art to cut and use. bride & groom scrapbook sets.

Download Wedding Set #2 (Shown Below) free 

Scrapbooking wedding set backgrounds, page titles, an alphabet, sheet music, frames, pastel

Details from Wedding Set #2 Shown Here

wedding page titles scrapbook supplies Woven ribbon design detail from the wedding scrapbook kits.

wedding pages to print photo album scrapbook wedding clip art clipart

Wedding music of course ! wedding scrapbook pages print

wedding memory book photo album Ferns make a nice background paper.

Download Wedding Set #3 free 

Wedding photo album

Details from Wedding Set #3 Shown here

wedding memory book printable flowers wedding backgrounds.

Lace wedding theme. roses wedding set.

background matting scrapbook paper. wedding clipart clip art trellis

rose stencil wedding scrapbook page

Download Wedding Set #4 (Shown Below) free in .pdf format

The wedding die cuts

Details of Wedding Set #4 Shown Here

wedding graphics weddings backgrounds clip art

wedding background. wedding frame.

 wedding roses wedding scrabook printables

wedding backgrounds Bridesmaids, groomsmen. bride & groom, etc.

book-wedding-scrapbook.jpg (6910 bytes) book-joy-of-scrapbooking.jpg (5851 bytes)
Two books that you might find helpful or inspiring for creating your wedding scrapbook


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