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Christmas gingerbread man

Christmas Gingerbread House Pop-Up Card for You to Print & Make

Or download & use these graphics on a scrapbook page if you wish.

This free print set has 4 pages.

  • Page 1 is the front & back of the card. Fold on the middle line.
  • Page 2 is the background of the pop-up which is pasted on the inside top of the card & the gingerbread house & gingerbreadman who lives there!
  • Page 3 is all accessory pieces. You may want to cut-out and paste one or two on the inside lower portion of the card.
  • Page 4 is the envelope, just cut-out and paste the flaps. The envelope has faint lines to assist when adding the address & return address. (Not shown)

The instructions are here, The Download Link is Below

printable christmas card cover

This is how the front of the card looks.

printable christmas card inside

This is how page 2 looks. The inside  background is cut out & glued on the top half of the inside of the card.

After cutting out the house, you can glue it's bottom tab on the lower half of the card at the fold line and the upper portion of the top tab where it meets the background on the top half of the card. See finished example below.

The little Gingerbread man goes beside the house, glued to the background.

Printable Christmas card accessories to print

This sheet of accessories can be used to add additional decoration to the card & used in scrapbooking or other projects.

Finished Christmas card after printing and glueing

Here is a finished card laid flat on the scanner. When the card is opened, the gingerbread house stands out from the back about 1/8th of an inch. The tabs on the house are simply folded and glued in place as shown. I cut out and used one lollipop and then wrote our names, but you can use other accessories if you want.

This printable Christmas card is for your personal use only. Thanks.

Click Here to Download this Free Card Set

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